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SPARKLY CUPS ALERT. In 2018 on our first T+G marketing tour, we ran into CVS in San Diego to use the bathroom and got distracted by a perfect pair of glitter cups that had been reduced to $0.37. They were the actual ideal size and shape, super lightweight for luggage and the glitter inside them was the exactly the right size and stickiness to move around the walls of the cup without clumping. LOL NOT KIDDING THIS IS HOW WE THINK. We totally forgot about the bathroom and bought the cups.

From pitch practice in New York to supplier visits in Kenya and exploratory trips in Haiti, we’ve planned our best plans holding these cups.

It therefore brings us GREAT JOY TO PRESENT ZENA GLITTER CUPS. After about 4 months of talking to ‘reusable custom glitter tumbler’ suppliers from aaall over the world, we have found the exact same model, switched out the octagonal glitter for star glitter, and had our new name stamped on them instead. Perfect for pregame, pitch prep and picnics so keep them in your purse. You NEVER know when you’ll want to mix on the move…. 😏.

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