✨ 👑 💃🏽 🎶 ☀️ 🐐 🥂 🤩 🙌🏽 ⭐️ 🍹 💕 💫 🎉, From Us

Hey we're Loren and Caragh, the co-founders of Zena and The Zena Launch Pad. When we aren't working (and tbh sometimes when we are) you can almost always find us in our uniform of sparkly tops, denim jackets, and glitter. We will enthusiastically dance any and everywhere- no music even rly needed, believe women can change the world, plan on taking this thing WORLDWIDE, and we named our company(s) after our pet goat.

Come play with us!

Yep, this is a page actually JUST FOR FUN...
Zena means dance

We made some SOUNDTRACKS for having the time of your life. Find them on the Zena Spotify 

PS: Our 'no boys allowed' vibe playlist is called "We're in a Meeting" bc that's what we say when we don't want to talk to random boys at bars... "Sorry, sorry, (say it with us now) WE'RE IN A MEETING!" works every time.

Here's some V fun stuff we think you'll love...

Fitness Marshall

We absolutely adore this youtube genius. You can find us Fitness Marshall-ing with the entire team at the Zena HQ, after a drink or two to pick up new dance moves, or as the one and only form of exercise that we ever do in Kamuli... usually as entertainment when the power is out.

Fab Dance Workouts
DIY Disco Ball

Loren attempted to make a DIY disco ball tutorial during COVID 19 lockdown in Uganda... she used a gigantic Spiderman bouncy ball (lol), old CDs, and a whole lot of wood glue. It turned out disco ball-ish. View the tutorial here and send us your results! 

Make a Disco Ball
Tequila Lollipops

When browsing for fun things to put in our Zena packaging/ just generally getting distracted on the internet during working hours, we stumbled across a recipe for homemade TEQUILA LOLLIPOPS. Umm, that's a yes from us. Learn how to make them here. PS: Good luck making them prettier then ours... ✨

Tequila Time, Cheers!

Beyonce Dance Challenge
at The Zena HQ!

Watch more of our HQ team bonding shenanigans...
Pineapple On The Porch Podcast

We're making a podcast where we talk about fun things, big dreams, party plans, co-founder life, and our latest schemes (to change the world AND to get free things). And the goat may or may not make some unexpected guest appearances. 

The Zena HQ

Kamuli, Uganda