Fun Earrings, Serious Impact
Sustainable gifting doesn't have to be serious
our mission
Zena is a Nonprofit

We celebrate saying yes to big dreams with every purchase supporting female entrepreneurs on a radical social mission. 

We founded Zena on the single premise that investing in female entrepreneurs has the power to change the global stories of gender inequality, and extreme poverty... so we decided 100% of your purchase should be reinvested into this vision.

Formerly Tribe + Glory, Seen In:

Welcome to the Zena HQ

Top Down Earrings

Handcrafted from recycled Ankole Cattle Horn, these are prob our most complimented earrings.

Best worn listening to a v fun playlist (see For Fun page).

Aaaaaaand add to cart.

Iconic Hoops

Rihanna says: "People see lipstick and assume you have on a full face of makeup. Especially guys, they're stupid."

We Say: "People see hoops and assume you made an effort. Especially guys, they're stupid."

They're called iconic for a reason. You'll live in them.

Let's Dance
Why Zena?

We named this brand after our pet goat. We named our goat after the word dance (zena) in Luganda, the local language spoken at our HQ in Kamuli, Uganda. Zena the goat loves pineapple, has an affinity for crop tops, and knows a few special party tricks... #zenathegoat, she's just like us.

The Zena HQ

Kamuli, Uganda

What is The Zena Launch Pad?

To keep communications clear, we call our product line The Zena Brand and our social impact The Zena Launch Pad. 

⭐️ Both are in house, both are fully nonprofit, and both are founded on the same core beliefs and values. ⭐️

For more information on our mission and why we exist, visit our more comprehensive impact website, The Zena Launch Pad.