mini bubble circle striped horn earrings
girl wearing the bubble mini small earrings from 90's collection
model wearing fun 90's outfit including a handmade scrunchie is cupping her hands below her chin wearing the ethical handmade fun bubble earrings in blue mascara
Model wearing cute 90's scrunchie pulling back her hair to show the bubble circle small stud earrings
GenZ Model wearing butterfly clips and cute chuppa cups t shirt wearing the 90s bubble earring small studs


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Bubbles were all the rage in the 90's... bubble shirts, bubble furniture, bubble gum- you get the picture. Channel the inner 90's you that knew bubble anything was a need not a want with these little bubble studs. 

These studs are made with a new technique of layering thin pieces of horn, making each piece even more unique than ever before! Plus they add just the right *pop* 


Zena earrings are all made out of natural Ankole Cattle Horn which means they are all completely unique. The markings and patternings vary slightly across each set. The posts are gold plated surgical steel studs. Each pair comes in their own gift bag hand-made by the Zena women from our favorite local Kitenge fabrics. 


Made out of recycled materials, Ships to US + UK, Handmade

Zena products are handcrafted by female entrepreneurs in Kamuli, Uganda. Zena women are female entrepreneurs who were previously living below the poverty line. Through short term apprenticeships, they are able to earn a living wage above the poverty line, while saving monthly towards the start-up capital they need to start their businesses.

At Zena, we believe that investing in female entrepreneurs has the power to change the stories of extreme poverty and gender inequality.

All of our products are made from waste materials.

Our earrings are handcrafted from Ankole Cattle Horn that has been discarded as a by-product of the agricultural industry. We love that working with Cattle horn supports local farmers in Uganda to diversify their income while making the agricultural industry more efficient. No animals are harmed in the making of our products. 

We also use recycled scrap brass from Kenya. 

We are committed to using recycled, locally sourced materials and making intentional packaging choices. 


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Zena Commitments

Ankole Cattle Horn is a recycled material collected as a byproduct of the meat industry

All of our products are made out of locally sourced, recycled  waste materials. Read more about it here. 

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Social Impact

Zena is a NONPROFIT. Our social impact is literally the reason we exist. See our impact website here.

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"This program is helping me achieve my dream, something I never thought would happen in my life"

- Fatuma, The Zena Launch Pad Graduate

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